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Body by Jovie provides some of the  best fitness training through their qualified  and experienced trainers.


They constantly aim to help their clients progress and to further their goals.

TRX Suspension Class

Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Suspension trainers are anchored adjustable straps allowing you to harness your body weight against gravity and carry out exercises in a suspended state.

Within this 55 minutes class, our trainers will guide through and interval circuit at your own personal intensity. This program is taught in small groups, personal training style with focus on attention to form and details.

Bootcamp Class

Transform your body and have fun while doing it!

Boot Camp classes combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. The classes incorporate balance, strength and flexibility using small equipment not limited to free-weight, sandbags,  TRX Suspension, TRX Rip Stick, Balance boards, bands, agility ladder and you! You’ll constantly move around to a number of different stations – each designed for a specific exercise so therefore torching maximum calories.

Body by Jovie 60 minutes Bootcamp Classes are Designed and taught by a personal trainer. As a result, you always have professional and personalized attention. All aspects of an effective fitness programs are addressed by the personal trainers and they always insures that no two classes are the same.

Every single class is fun and exciting!!

Personal Training

Our attention to details, professionalism and welcoming boutique culture attract and retain the city's top personal trainers and their goal-oriented clientele. 

Our personal trainers come ready to inspire, and based on your needs, we will implement programs that will deliver results and allow you to have a better understanding of your body as a whole.

Our Packages include a consultation, fitness assesment, full body analysis and measurement, goal analysis & schedule planning. We also offer nutrition guidance and follow up sessions to make sure that you are progressing towards your goals.

Our boutique studio strives to offer a much more private and comfortable atmosphere designed to provide you with innovative and efficient fitness programming. 

We empower our clients towards real results.


Yoga Classes

Body By Jovie houses the most respected and professional yoga masters in the city.

Their passion and love are truly felt in their sessions and their guidance will help you reach into a greater practice.


For beginners or avid practitioners alike, everyone can begin with a strong foundation or be challenged and progress in class. 

Benefit from a of a quiet mind and ensure renewal of a healthier you through a combination of movement, breath and meditation. 

Join us for Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Sivananda & much more or enjoy our exclusive classes such as Candle Asana, Cardio Flow, Crunch & Core Yoga.

Full Body, Abs, Core and Cardio

Exclusively at Body By Jovie; there are weekly classes to deliver 1 hour of pure total body conditioning and fat scorching session.


Challenge yourself to high intensity interval training and learn new movements with Kettles bells, Bosu Balance Boards, ViPr Sets, Battle ropes etc…

In these sessions, we will tackle your core, strenght, endurance and stamina via various intervals & progressions.

Burn calories, develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously in 1 session!

Define you body from head to toes.

We strive to enhance the quality of life in our community by providing high-quality fitness programs.

We educate, motivate and support our clients to instill the value of health and fitness.



 Excellent gym with a friendly vibe and strong sense of community

I have been a member of Body by Jovie for 3 years. I use the gym and have also been attending personal training classes for the past year. My personal trainer is excellent, highly motivating and an expert in his field. Over the course of 12 months I have built my strength, fitness levels and focus. My personal trainer really motivates me to push myself and achieve what I didn't think was possible when I first started out.
The gym has a really warm and friendly vibe offering a strong sense of community, which makes exercising an enjoyable experience. The range of equipment and facilities, and diversity of classes makes Body By Jovie great value for money.
Having worked and lived overseas for 20 years, Body by Jovie is, by far, the best gym and professional outfit I have trained at; I highly recommend these guys.


Exceptional training

I've been lucky to train with many experienced qualified instructors over the years in UK and Australia. But senior instructor João at Body by Jovie takes training to the next level. His careful and methodical approach is unlike anything I've seen before - if you are consistent and dedicated in your sessions with him, you will get results. I've trained with João for only three months and I still don't quite believe the personal bests I'm still achieving every week. So I totally agree with Aleks V - João is without doubt the best trainer in HCMC.


Best Personal Training in HCMC

Had six sessions with the owner here. By far the most knowledgeable PT you'll get in HCMC. If your goal is to build muscle and you're not working with a PT, you'll either injure yourself or progress very slowly. I was shown how to perform essential body building exercises in minute detail, with excellent explanations on everything from proper breathing techniques, to correct form/stance, to the (traditionally underrepresented) psychology behind the exercise. 

Do yourself a favor, stop watching YouTube videos as your source of gym instruction and try a few sessions here - even small changes in technique have a profound impact on your workouts. Best investment I've made in myself this year.


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